General Considerations

Please note: we are not accepting juvenile fiction nor children's manuscripts at this time.

Please do not call the office. If you would like notification that your submission has been received, send a self-addressed, stamped postcard with your submission. We will not respond to emails asking for confirmation of receipt.

  • We do not accept emailed submissions.

  • We only accept works by Canadian citizens or landed immigrants.

  • We do not accept unsolicited full-length work of any kind.

  • We will not accept simultaneous or multiple submissions.

  • Writers must query with a complete work that is not being considered by another publisher.

  • Samples that are no longer being considered will not be returned to you, and will be shredded through a secure process.


  • To enable communication, accompany all queries with a business/letter-sized self-addressed, stamped or prepaid envelope (SASE) with Canadian postage.

  • All queries must contain a sample of writing and an outline of the proposed publication. See "Standard Query Material" below for sample length guidelines.

  • It is important that you let us know your perceived audience and your plans for assisting in the marketing of your work.

  • We read queries in the order they are received; please be patient.

We are accepting

  • Works of fiction (novels and short story collections). We do not publish romance, science fiction, horror, westerns, or fiction in verse. Submission dates are August 1 through November 30.

  • Collections of poetry (single-author collections only). Please review our previous poetry titles to see what interests us. We do not publish cowboy poetry, inspirational poetry, or poetry for children. Submission dates are December 1 through February 28.

  • Books for teen readers (YA novels). We are looking for full-length fiction. Please review our previous YA award winners to see what interests us. We do not publish picture books or poetry collections for teens. Submission dates are October 1 through January 1.

  • Works of literary nonfiction (single-author collections only). We focus on writing that explores natural history where human connections and relationships to nature are dominant. We do not publish works written for academic audiences or scientific communities. Submission dates are January 1 to April 30.

  • We are not accepting juvenile fiction nor children's manuscripts at this time.

 Thistledown Press publishes a first-books poetry series entitled the New Leaf Series. See New Leaf Submission Guidelines

Standard Query Material

  • Cover letter with relevant contact information.

  • Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) with Canadian postage. Business/letter size only.

  • Novel samples should include a significant representative sampling of multiple chapters or sections that highlight form and style.

  • Short fiction samples should include two to three stories that demonstrate the collection’s audience target and subject range.

  • Poetry samples should include a representative selection of 10 to 15 poems from the complete collection.

  • A brief biographical note that tells of any relevant writing experience or significant recent publications. Do not include any information older than five years.

  • You should ensure that all written material is submitted on traditional 8 1/2" X 11" paper, double-spaced and in black print, in a 12 pt. Times New Roman typeface.

  • Do not include materials other than what is requested.

 Send queries and submissions to:

Thistledown Press Ltd.
410 2nd Avenue North
Saskatoon, SK S7K 2C3
Tel: (306) 244-1722
Fax: (306) 244-1762